Have Great Outdoor Sex

The thrill of being seen doing something wild adds a little zest, and if you’re a free-spirited person with a penchant for adventure, outdoor sex could be right up your alley. For some couples, outdoor sex is almost a rite of passage. For others, though, it’s just a case of being carried away. Whatever the reason, you still have to be fully prepared should you wish to have good outdoor sex. Nature porn is something you will surely enjoy.

To start with, you have to pick a great, romantic place for your outdoor sex session

Ideally, this would be in a secluded and private spot that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. Camping grounds are ideal, but if it’s not there, then a quiet spot in your backyard or the front lawn would do. Alternatively, you can get a camping tent (especially if the weather is good) and set it up in your back yard. This way, no one else has to know what you’re up to.

Once you’ve chosen a good place, then you need to dress up in your sexiest outdoor sex outfit

A good idea would be to wear a bathing suit with panties. However, if the weather is bad, go with a simple pair of beach shorts instead. Under your bathing suit, lay a thick woolen blanket. You can even take a quick dip in the pool or at the beach and keep your blanket by your side. Be sure to watch some good outdoor porn movies to get some naughtyblog ideas.

Next, you can use the spot as a means of relieving stress and frustration

If you’re both stressed out because you haven’t done enough “work” during the day, then an outdoor sex spot might just do the trick. Take a few minutes to relax in your outdoor sex spot and clear your head of any thoughts related to work. Then, use the blanket and lube machine provided to pleasure yourself. Use the lube machine on the area that leads to your manhood (the most sensitive part of you, in this case).

You should note that you will likely have an increased libido once you’re outside the privacy of your home

For this reason, you need to use a lubricant on your fingers when doing outdoor sex. A water-based lube is the best. Be sure to wash off the lubricant before reuse so that there isn’t any buildup.

In the end, you can definitely have some great outdoor sex if you take the time to plan ahead

Plan the night ahead of time so that you can spend the night in each others’ company. If you aren’t sure what the other person wants, offer it up. The point is to make it as comfortable and pleasurable for both partners as possible. Once you’ve had a few orgasms together, you’ll be ready to do it all over again!